Our Team

ScanMed has become known for our depth of expertise. When we say we deliver experience, we mean it. Our highly accredited professionals bring a level of experience and knowledge to the table that is unsurpassed in our field.


Dr. Randall W. Jones, Dr.Eng. (PhD/MBA)

President & CEO
Dr. Jones, ScanMed’s owner and CEO, is a proven entrepreneur and business manager whom has grown the business by approximately 80% per year for three consecutive years. An accomplished inventor with over 10 patents and dozens of completed designs, 20 years’ experience as an upper level manager in the MRI industry, Dr. Jones has a talent for recognizing business opportunities resulting from clinical or business needs. The combination of being a highly trained USAF technician, PhD EE and MRI physicist has enabled Jones and ScanMed to become a leader in MRI RF system and MRI coil diagnostics; hence, creating yet another leading revenue stream for the company. Noteworthy also is the record setting time to market for new devices and contract engineering and manufacturing services.

Melanie M Jones

Executive VP of Sales and Marketing
With over 20 years of sales and marketing experience, Melanie brings a wealth of knowledge across multiple industry disciplines. As co-owner of the organization, her responsibilities include the overall direction of the sales and marketing teams’ offering of new coil products and repair services.



Brian Carter

Quality Manager
Brian is a Certified Quality Engineer with 14 years of experience developing and improving QA/QC systems, procedures, and test methods for design assurance and manufacturing. His global experience includes the highly regulated medical device industry as well as consumer product manufacturing. Brian earned his Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Applied Physics from the University of Iowa.

Chad Soeller

Senior Engineering and Manufacturing
Chad is a professional repair technician that started his career in the copier repair industry before starting at ScanMed in 2012. He has a BAS in electronic communications engineering technology from ITT Tech.



Darrel Myer, AS

Repair Operations Manager
In addition to being a superb diagnostician, Darrel ads immensely to the organization capitalizing on his fifteen years’ experience in sourcing, quality testing, and vendor management.