Product Images
Product Images
  • Blanket Coil™

    ScanMed® introduces a coil that is as gentle with your patients as you are. Where skin sensitivity, minimal pressure, and flawless imagery are of vital importance, trust the Blanket CoilTM. The first-of-a-kind design literally embeds an MRI antenna set within a quilt-like enclosure providing high-quality images of the torso of young and old alike. It is flexible enough to wrap snuggly around small bodies as well as large adult extremities so it can be used to image those challenging regions such as bilateral brachial plexus, bilateral lower extremities, and even heads.

    The Blanket CoilTM is contained within a water-resistant case, featuring a soft and cleanable cover. What the patient feels is a lightweight, warm and soothing blanket. What the radiologist sees is a flawless image without compromising comfort.

    Suggested Clinical Applications

    Torso imaging for  patients as allowed by the MRI system

    Bilateral brachial plexus imaging as allowed by the MRI system

    Bilateral lower extremities imaging as allowed by the MRI system

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  • Product Specifications

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    Product Specifications

    • Field Strength: 1.5T, 3.0T
    • Number of Elements: 8, 16, or 32
    • Weight: 1.3kg (3lbs)
    • Ship Weight:
    • Cable Length: 150 cm (59”)
    • Physical Dimensions:
      • Small: 26 cm (W) x 54 cm (L)
      • Large: 16 Ch: 51 cm (W) x 82 cm (L)
    • Cable Length: 150 cm (59”)

    Warranty/Repair Policy

    Product is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from date of purchase. Typical turnaround time for repair/replacement of defective part(s) is 48 hours after receipt of defective product. Please see the published warranty for details.

    System Compatibility
    8 or 16 Channel GE Systems. Please contact a Sales Representative for further details.

    Quality Assurance
    All products are designed and manufactured under a ISO 13485/9001 registered quality system.


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  • Product Images

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