Leading MRI Coil Design, Refurb, & Repair.

ScanMed offers MRI coil engineering, manufacturing, repair and refurbishment. Our teams consists of the top engineers and MRI professionals in the industry, who lead our in-house product design and manufacturing. Our innovative MRI coils are multifunctional and bring more coverage and wide-spread clinical application with a higher signal-to-noise ratio. ScanMed is fully certified and FDA registered. Services are available for General Electric (GE), Siemens, Hitachi, Philips, Toshiba, Invivo, Medical Advances and MRI Devices MRI coils. Commitment to quality and service is our top priority.

ScanMed’s at Health Connect!

ScanMed’s at Health Connect’s Fall and Radiology Imaging Conference in Los Angeles! Don’t miss your chance to chat with ScanMed’s knowledgable Account Representatives: Emma Marshall, Kaitlin Heavin, and Alex Fahrenholz. Learn more about ScanMed’s innovative products and services, including the world’s first MRI coil dedicated to non-invasive prostate imaging! Would you like to set up an on-site meeting? Email Us to schedule a meeting today.




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