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About ScanMed MRI Coil Services

Soldering circuit board

ScanMed is an OEM-certified MRI coil development company. All of our cutting-edge MRI coils provide excellent coverage, high SNR, and meet a wide variety of clinical needs.


Our product line includes the world’s first wearable pelvic/prostate coil the PROCURE™ and the world’s first fully flexible Blanket Coil™. ScanMed also offers a variety of Semi-FlexTM coils including the Elbow/Wrist Coil, Shoulder/Knee Coil, and Long Bone Coil and rigid coils including Adult HNS Coil, Pediatric HNS Coil, Peripheral Vascular Array, Orbit and Mandible Coil™, and Knee/Foot Coil. This year, ScanMed is introducing the first-ever Interchangeable Pediatric Brain MRI Coil™ and an innovative Dual-Tuned Lung Coil.

ScanMed is also the largest independently-owned MRI coil repair and refurbishment company in the world. With an extensive parts inventory, in-house component manufacturing, and a highly-skilled team of PhD diagnosticians, we can restore any coil to the safety and performance specifications of the OEM.


ScanMed also specializes in MRI coil contract engineering and manufacturing. Our expert electromechanical product development team can take a device from conception to market rapidly and cost-effectively. ScanMed’s flex-space design facility offers large-scale manufacturing capabilities including ISO 13485 and/or ISO 9001 compliant component sourcing, assembly verification and validation testing, software creation, and 510(k) production.

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