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Research & Development Credentials

Founded in Omaha, Nebraska by Dr. Randall Jones, ScanMed is the premier international provider of MRI coil innovations. Our knowledgeable team of researchers and product developers has been leading the market in MRI coil development. We have an extensive product portfolio that contains over a dozen patents and have pioneered several industry-changing designs. All of our cutting-edge MRI coils bring more unique and/or broader coverage, higher SNR, and meet a wide variety of clinical needs.

Industry Firsts In MRI Products

  • Dedicated Peripheral Vascular Array, 1993

  • Quadrature Detection Array, 1993

  • Hingable Volume Array, 1994

  • Pediatric Head/Spine Array, 1995

  • Adult Head/Spine Array, 1996

  • Remote Controlled Phased Array, 1996

  • Dedicated Carotid Array, 1997

  • SemiFlexTM Extremity Array Family, 2000

  • Eight Channel Extremity Array Family, 2006

  • Dedicated Orbit Array, 2011

  • Garment Coil Family, 2012

  • Wearable Stretchable Shoulder MRI Antenna, 2013

  • Wearable Prostate MRI Antenna, 2013

  • Pediatric Interchangeable Head Coil Set, 2016


United States Patents:



Joint Ventures:


Research Grants:

  • Two State of Wisconsin Economic Development Grants, prior to 1993

  • Three NIH SBIR grants, prior to 1993

  • NIH Grant “Evaluation of Breast Cancer Metastasis Using MRI,” R. Jones, 1995

  • State of NE, DED Prototyping Grant, “Garment Coil,” 2012




  • V. Kampani, R. Jones, C. Charles, N.Hussey: Dual-tuned RF coil system for parallel imaging of human lungs using perflourinated gases. Poster presented at: 25th Annual Conference of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine; 2017 April 22-27; Honolulu, HI.

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