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New MRI Coils by ScanMed

ScanMed's new aftermarket MRI coils, revolutionizing medical imaging. We've engineered 12+ groundbreaking MRI coils compatible with popular MRI systems. These innovative coils deliver exceptional coverage of target anatomies and produce high-quality images at a reasonable cost. Coils are built to OEM specifications.

  • Your OEM Alternative

  • 60% Less Than OEM Coils

  • Superior Image Quality vs OEM

  • ScanMed manufactures the following aftermarket MRI Coils in the USA.

  • These coils work with various platforms, including GE 12x-16x and Siemens Legacy Systems like TIM Symphony, Avanto, Espree, TIM Trio, and Verio*. Visit the specific coil page or contact sales for details. 

  • Call 402-934-2650 or email

Our MRI Coil Family

MRI Coil Quote Request
MRI Coil Quote Request
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