Lung fMRI Coil*

The world’s first and only multiple-element, dual-tuned, MRI antenna and perflourinated gas/air mixture, patient monitored system




  • Dual-tuned, multi-channel, T/R MRI coil set

  • MRI system interface

  • 19F/1H phantom set for characterizing and quality 

     testing system

  • Amplifier set

  • 19F/1H gas mixing ventilation system with monitor

*investigational device

Product Schematic

The Diagnostic Potential of MultiNuclear MRI

Multi-nuclear MRI is currently used primarily in research applications rather than diagnostics because of the high cost of upgrading existing MRI scanners to have multinuclear capabilities. However, the potential of utilizing alternative contrast agents provides a range of possibilities for the functional imaging of the anatomies that are poorly viewed in a 1H MRI system.


Rather than implementing a costly and time-consuming upgrade to existing MRI systems, UBScan has developed a technology that converts existing frequencies through a transmit/receive MRI coil and converts multinuclear data into a standard histogram.


This cutting-edge MRI coil technology plugs directly into available ports and uses hardware frequency convertors without software or firmware updates to image multiple contrast agents simultaneously. 

Research Findings

Figure 1: 1H Ultrashort echo (TE 70 us) showing a lesion arising from outside the lung airspace.

Figure 3: 19 F Steady State Ventilation Images with signal void in posterior apical compartment

Figure 2: Visualization of the airspace of a subject with asthma with perflourinated-imaged lung regions overlaid.