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Contract Manufacturing

ScanMed’s flexible design facility offers both large and small-scale manufacturing capabilities that include component sourcing, electromechanical assembly, verification and validation testing, software creation, and production.

MRI coil manufacturing

ScanMed's comprehensive manufacturing services include:

  • Building RF amplifiers, preamps, and coil interface and control hardware

  • Cable manufacturing

  • Hard and soft shell fabrication

  • Mold making for pouring of thermoplastics including foam

ScanMed has extensive knowledge and experience in fulfilling OEM expectations and agreements, with several senior staff members previously employed by OEMs at various managerial levels.  We apply that experience to bring about rugged, aesthetic, high-performance designs to the customer on time and in budget.


Our vertically integrated company has the tools and technologies to perform all phases from design to rapid prototyping to engineering validation and verification through final production and quality testing – all under the rigid controls of ISO13485:2016 standards.  We can help you get your next product to market faster and at lower cost.

Within our end-to-end, modern facility plus additional flex space, we have all the equipment on site to manufacture any type of MRI Coil at any volume including:

  • CAD Workstations

  • Three 3D Printers

  • In-House Cable Design & Manufacture

  • Coil ID Programming Station

  • Two MRI Scanners

  • 20+ Network/Spectrum Analyzers

  • Custom-Built Bore Simulators

  • Dedicated Noise Meter Testing Station

  • Paint Room

MRI coil manufacturing equipment
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