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Contract Engineering

As an OEM-certified contract engineering company, ScanMed has extensive experience in rapid design, electromechanical engineering, and low-cost manufacturing of MRI antennae for the full range of anatomies.

We offer on-site engineering validation and verification from conception through the final production, and quality test at every stage within the rigid quality standards of ISO 13485:2016. Our vertically-integrated business has all the tools, technologies, and expertise to perform all phases of development to take your MRI coil from ideation to market. With our flexible manufacturing capabilities, we can produce any volume of MRI coils your company needs quickly and economically.

MRI coil engineering

Our knowledgeable, experienced electromechanical product development team

can develop any MRI device rapidly and cost-effectively on-site.

MRI coil engineering process

Our contract engineering services include:

  • Circuitry design

  • Radiofrequency engineering

  • 3D Printing, Mold Making, And Plastics

  • Digital Electronics

  • Electromagnetic engineering

  • Antenna Design

  • Human Ergonomics

  • Patent Expertise

  • FDA Compliant 21CFR820

  • Overflow Engineering

  • Telemetry Engineering

  • MRI Coils & Products

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