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Legacy ScanMed MRI Coils

Back by popular demand, our early-model MRI coils are compatible with low field strength and older MRI systems. They can also be upgraded to meet the current MRI systems. Email to learn more!


Distal MRI Array Coil

ScanMed's Distal Extremity Coil provides high SNR while providing coverage of not only the carpal area but also the entire hand and fingers – all easily viewed in a single coronal plane.  


Long Bone Array MRI Coil

ScanMed's Long Bone Array MRI Coil provides joint-to-joint imaging of the extremities. Offered in two sizes for imaging either the upper or lower extremities.


Elbow Array MRI Coil

ScanMed’s 8 Channel Elbow Array Coil offers the same image quality as the Elbow/Wrist MRI Coil but with a round shape and compatible with older model MRI scanners. 


Shoulder Array MRI Coil

ScanMed's Shoulder Array MRI Coil is the early version of the Shoulder/Knee Coil and offers the same performance and high quality imaging of the shoulder joint and surrounding tissue. 

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