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Electronic MRI Coil Repair

To date, ScanMed repair technicians have collectively spent ten man years diagraming the circuitry of over 900 coil model numbers. With this expertise, we are able to repair electrical damage on any make, model, or type of MRI coil on the market. On every repair we run a full screen of diagnostic testing under the guidance of our PhD diagnosticians. We can repair everything from basic wear and tear to the most complex electrical problems others may miss. Also, before returning the coil to you, we validate and verify the functionality to make sure that your coil is returned to the performance quality of the original OEM specifications. 

ScanMed Runs Full Diagnostic Testing On Every MRI Coil

, MRI coil repair testing

Our technicians can repair:

  • Asymmetrical Brightness

  • Attenuation Of Signal

  • Bounce Point Artefact

  • Gradient Field Artefacts

  • Herringbone Artefacts

  • Inhomogeneity

  • Moire Fringes

  • RF Quadrature

  • RF Noise

  • Slice-To-Slice Artefacts

  • Star Artefacts

  • Tip Angle Inhomogeneity

  • Zebra Strips

  • Zero Line Artefacts

  • Zipper Artefacts

...and any other electronic issues you may encounter!

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