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Why Choose ScanMed for

MRI Coil Repair?

ScanMed can repair any 
MRI coil no matter the make, model, or system

There is not a coil we cannot repair or bring back to serviceability

Siemens MRI Coil Repair

We can repair any Siemens MRI coil for all Siemens MRI systems including:

  • TIM Trio

  • Verio

  • Skyra

  • Aera

  • TIM Symphony

  • Avanto

  • Prisma

  • Vision  

  • Maestro

  • Amira

  • Vida        


  • Harmony

  • Espree

  • Trio

  • Symphony

  • Impact

  • Open Viva

  • Concerto

  • Terra

  • Allegra

  • Magnetom

  • Spectra

GE MRI Coil Repair

We can repair any GE MRI coil for all GE MRI systems including:

  • Premier

  • Architect

  • Pioneer

  • Discovery

  • Explorer

  • Artist

  • Creator

  • Optima

  • Voyager

  • Signa HDx

  • Signa LX 

  • Signa HD

  • Twinspeed 

  • Echo speed 

  • HiSpeed

  • Horizon

  • Excite

  • Bravo MR355

  • Excite

  • Profile I, II, & III 

  • Ovation HD 

Philips MRI Coil Repair

We can repair any Philips MRI coil for all Philips MRI systems including:

  • Ingenia

  • MR-OR

  • MR-RT

  • Multiva

  • Achieva

Canon/Toshiba MRI Coil Repair

We can repair any Canon/Toshiba MRI coil for all Canon/Toshiba MRI systems including:

  • Vantage Galan

  • Vantage Titan

  • Vantage Elan

  • Vantage Excelart

  • Opart

  • Aperto Externa

  • Sonalleve

  • Panorama

  • Intera

  • Infininon

  • Panorama HFO

Hitachi MRI Coil Repair

We can repair any Hitachi MRI coil for all Hitachi MRI systems including:

  • Oasis

  • Echelon

  • Echelon Oval

  • Aperto Lucent

  • AIRIS Vento



  • AIRIS Elite

  • AIRIS Mate

  • Altaire

  • MRP 7000

Independent MRI Companies

We don't just offer MRI coil repair for the major OEMs, we also repair MRI coils from all independent and veterinarian MRI coil manufacturers including:

Esaote MRI coil repair for:

  • G-scan Brio

  • O-scan

  • S-scan

  • C-scan

  • Opera

  • E-scan XQ


FONAR MRI coil repair:


  • Upright Multi-Position MRI

  • FONAR 360°

  • Quad 12000

Medonica MRI coil repair


  • Magvue

  • Magview ELITE

  • Magfinder II

  • Chorus 

Neusoft MRI coil repair


  • Sparkler

  • Superstar

  • Superopen

Paramed MRI Coil Repair


  • MROpen

  • MRJ 3300

  • MRInspire

As well as AllTech Medical Systems, Anke, Aurora, Basda Medical, Sina Healthcare, Time Medical Systems, Wandong Medical, Technical, Picker/Marconi, Instrumentarium, Elscint, Shimadzu, ONI, and many others....

  • Complete diagnostics and repair to original manufacturer’s specifications

  • Minor mechanical fixes (sealing cracks, replacing insulation, replacing missing screws, etc)

  • Minor aesthetic touch-ups to the rigid or foam housings so that the coil is safe to use.

  • Turnover of 5 to 10 business days 

  • Full warranty and service guarantee 

ScanMed's Standard Repair Service Includes: 

We know you have options when it comes to choosing an MRI coil repair company. That is why ScanMed provides the most comprehensive and highest quality repair services with transparent, affordable prices for all of our customers.  

  • 20% Off your first MRI coil repair on up to three coils

  • Full warranty on all repairs for 90 days

  • Verification and validation of all repairs onsite

  • Fastest turnaround times available

  • Contract and enterprise scalable repair pricing

  • ISO 13485:2016

  • FSE and PhD engineers to assist in troubleshooting

  • Knowledgeable customer service available to answer any questions

ScanMed's Upgraded Repair Service Includes:

What Makes ScanMed MRI Coil Repair Different?

ScanMed offers a variety of unique MRI coil repair service offerings you will not find anywhere else including:

  • Complete electrical, mechanical, and cosmetic refurbishment to "like new" condition

  • 24-hour, 48-hour, and regular 5-day turnaround times

  • Complete cable and cable trap replacement 

  • Extensive loaner coil inventory to prevent interruptions to your throughput

ScanMed's MRI Coil Loaner Program:

ScanMed has an extensive loaner coil inventory available while we repair your MRI coil. If you do not see the loaner ​coil model number you need on this list, please contact our customer service representatives. We are constantly growing our inventory and have a vast network to source any loaner coils not listed below. 

Loaner MRI Coils
Contact our friendly support staff at
for details, options, and pricing
or request a quote here
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