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ScanMed, LLC

Innovative MRI
Coil Solutions

As the largest, independent OEM-certified MRI coil design, manufacture, and repair company, ScanMed offers a variety of products, services, and price packages customized for your unique business needs. Our highly skilled team of MR technicians, customer service representatives, and clinical specialists work one-on-one with all of our partners to provide innovative solutions to magnetic resonance imaging.

New MRI Coils and Coil Repair are our specialties.

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ScanMed MRI Coil Repairs

How Our Repair Service Works

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Call, email, or submit a quote online and let us know what's wrong with your coil. We'll respond with an hour of receipt during business hours.  If you somehow find a better deal from a qualified competitor, let us know and we'll price match!


Ship us your coil and as soon as we receive it our technicians will get to work. We'll repair all the electronic, mechanical, and cosmetic damage and restore it to the OEM specification or better. Then we'll system test the coil to validate and verify the repair. 

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Once we've finished the repair, you'll receive your like-new MRI coil back with a full 90 day warranty on all our MRI coil repairs. We also offer a one year add-on warranty for a small additional fee. 

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New MRI Coils by ScanMed

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Why Choose ScanMed MRI Coils

ScanMed MRI Coils are engineered to optimize element density for broader and more unique coverage and better penetration of the target anatomies.

ScanMed MRI Coils are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States under the meticulous quality standards of ISO 13485.

ScanMed MRI Coils are rigorously beta tested in clinical settings to ensure they provide the highest quality resolution, improved SNR, and smaller FOVs.

ScanMed MRI Coils are developed with patient comfort in mind to reduce setup time, facilitate faster image acquisition, and increase throughput.

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We'll Fix Your MRI Coil As Soon As We Receive It 

We Return Your MRI Coil Repair With A Warranty

About ScanMed Video

Industry Firsts In MRI Products

At ScanMed, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of MRI technology and setting the standard for repair excellence. Here are some of our industry-leading innovations and patents:

  • Dedicated Peripheral Vascular Array, 1993

  • Quadrature Detection Array, 1993

  • Hingable Volume Array, 1994

  • Pediatric Head/Spine Array, 1995

  • Adult Head/Spine Array, 1996

  • Remote Controlled Phased Array, 1996

  • Dedicated Carotid Array, 1997

  • SemiFlexTM Extremity Array Family, 2000

  • Eight Channel Extremity Array Family, 2006

  • Dedicated Orbit Array, 2011

  • Garment Coil Family, 2012

  • Wearable Stretchable Shoulder MRI Antenna, 2013

  • Wearable Prostate MRI Antenna, 2013

  • Pediatric Interchangeable Head Coil Set, 2016

ScanMed US Patents


  • R.W. Jones, “Articulated NMR Shoulder Coil with Fusible Link,” 

  • R.W. Jones, “NMR Neck Coil with Passive Decoupling,” 

  • R.W. Jones, “NMR Pelvic Coil,” 

  • R.W. Jones, “NMR Liver Coil,” 

  • R.W. Jones, “NMR Shoulder Coil,” 

  • R.W. Jones, “NMR QD Solenoidal Coil,” 

  • R.W. Jones, “NMR Adjustable Volume Array,” 

  • R.W. Jones, “Quadrature Detection Array,” 

  • R.W. Jones, “Conformal Solenoidal Coil,” 

  • R.W. Jones, F. Davis, “Surface Coil System for a Single Channel NMR Receiver,” 

  • R.W. Jones, “Garment Antenna Array,” 

  • R.W. Jones, “Design Patent for Pelvic Coil,” (pending)


ScanMed's team of MRI physicists, electrical engineers, and RF technicians can help take your MR coil idea from concept to market.

Have an idea for a MRI Coil?
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ScanMed, LLC

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At ScanMed, we believe that people are the most important component of our success. We strive to employ people with exceptional talents, fresh ideas,

and diverse insights to foster a culture of innovation. 

If you are interested in joining our growing team, download our job application form here:


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