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Our Unique Approach To Coil Design

Advanced MRI Coil Design

At ScanMed, we approach coil development differently. All of our coil concepts start by identifying an unmet clinical need from the valuable insights of everyday clinicians. Our MR physicists work directly with physicists, radiologists, MRI technicians, and surgeons to develop one-of-a-kind products that provide better biopsies in high risk regions while constantly working to improve the standard of care. Our unique approach to development is why in ScanMed’s short history, we have over a dozen design firsts in the MRI coil industry.

Our MR physicists and radiofrequency engineers rethink the standard designs of MRI coils pioneering new layouts of our radiofrequency antennae within versatile housings. By doing so, we have been able to bring the elements as close to the target anatomy as possible with all of our innovative MR coils. Our unique coil designs also increase temporal resolution without compromising spatial resolution or having to rely on contrast agents or invasive probes to increase the FoV. The element density of our coils also reduces the artifacts and image distortions that mimic pathology, providing more accurate information for diagnostics and reliable insights for staging and follow up care. The pulse generation of our antenna is tuned to increase the signal to individual voxels, maximizing the SNR and tissue contrast within any MRI system no matter the field strength delivering superior quality and performance.

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