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Announcing MRI Coil Development Partnership with Fujikura

ScanMed is please to announce a manufacturing and product development with Fujikura. Fujikura is a Japanese-based global company with decades of expertise in MRI coil engineering, MRI coil repair, and MRI coil fabrication. This partnership will offer OEMs and medical device development startups a turnkey solution for their MRI coil development needs.

Benefits of the partnership will include:

• Mixed Capability to Meet Any Business Need

• Combined Technical Expertise of Two Global Market Leaders

• Cost-Effective MRI Coil Solutions

• Fast Product Turnaround and Market Entry

• High Quality Assurance At Every Stage of Engineering and Production

• Large-Scale Medical Device Manufacturing

• International Distribution Capabilities

• Regulatory Compliance for Multiple Countries

For more information on how this partnership can benefit you, contact us today!

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