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Cost Savings of the PROCURE™ Prostate/Pelvic Coil

The PROCURE™ Coil provides the highest quality images of the reproductive and urological anatomies on the market. PROCURE™’s pioneering technology facilitates the closest possible positioning of the multiple antenna elements to the target anatomies regardless of patient size.

The PROCURE™ Prostate/Pelvic Coil can also dramatically increase your throughput

Most of the older and many of the newer surface coils simply do not provide the requisite diagnostic resolution for Prostate Cancer detection, but if you do use one of that does, it takes more time per series.

The average time per series based on the standard ACR Protocols for pelvic/prostate scanning:

Consider that you are scanning 10 prostate or pelvic exams per week, then this coil will save you from 60 to 110 minutes per week or 52 to 93 hours per year over other surface coils OR substantially improve your diagnostic accuracy in the same or less time.

With the time you save using PROCURE™ you earn a full week of scanning time per year; hence, with an average pelvis scan fee of $1250 you earn an additional $65,000 - $116,250 per year.

This design pays for itself in ONE Year

For the Endorectal Probe Users: Not only will PROCURE™ save you scan time as above, but this innovative design does not require an endorectal probe; hence, you can also save time on patient prep compared to using the ER probe:

The average time per coil for patient procession for scanning:

So, you save at least 20 minutes per patient of scanner time while prepping and inserting the probe on the table, and you save the labor and hassle of clean-up afterward. With the prep/insertion time savings alone using PROCURE™, you can earn back 200 minutes/week (at 10 prostate exams/wk, $1250/exam fee) and increase your bottom line by:

$216,667 in one year!

OR if cost savings is more important, that also means that if your scanner operation runs at $250 dollars per hour, the cost savings in one month (four 60-hour scanning weeks) will be:

$ 3,333/month savings

PROCURE™’s incredible image quality offers better diagnostics tools than competitor coils, so you’ll also receive more patients from satisfied referring physicians and word-of-mouth patient feedback on comfort and speed!

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